Pop-up Coworking Space One Roof Hosts Women Entrepreneurs

It is easy to fall in love with the space. It is first of all a beautiful family home reconfigured temporarily to host coworking guests, workshops, events, and brainstorming sessions for one week.  Relaxed, chilled and very homey, you’ll be tempted to take a nap in the day bed or chit-chat with other guests in-between getting stuff done. It’s like working from home while having other like-minded go-getters over with whom to chat, bounce ideas or seek advice.




I sat down with Gianna And Sheree to discuss their new venture.


Robelen: Why a pop-up? And how are you different to other coworking spaces?

Gianna & Sheree: We have decided on a pop up in order to trial and optimise our offering before having a more permanent/long term space. We are different three key ways:

1. We target female entrepreneurs

2. We are in an Airbnb listed mansion because physical space is important. No one likes working in a traditional, bland office environment.

3. It’s about more than WIFI and a desk. It’s about the multiple events throughout the week, big and small. From brainstorming sessions with big organisations like Pitcher Partners and NAB to 1 Giant Mind meditation and SheSays panel discussion.

Ultimately we want it to feel like a fun, comfortable, inspiring place to work and connect with other awesome female entrepreneurs.

Melbourne coworking space

Robelen: How does it work?

Gianna & Sheree: It is really flexible. You can either buy a day or week pass, which gives you free access to the events. Bonus! Co-working is open from 9am-6pm from Monday, February 9 to Saturday, February 14th. Then each evening the space transforms to host a different event from 6:30-8:30. Full schedule for the week can be found at www.oneroofcoworking.com

Robelen: How did you find people to support your idea?

Gianna & Sheree: We both leveraged our internal networks from the work we’d previously done in the women’s space, then partnered with other well known organisations like 1 Giant Mind and SheSays to help promote the events. We have also been very fortunate to receive sponsorship from organisations like Pitcher Partners, Jungle Capital and MOJO Wine.

One Roof Coworking (@oneroofcoworking) • Instagram photos and videos 2015-02-09 21-11-27


Robelen: What has been the biggest challenge?

Gianna & Sheree: All the moving parts, bringing it all together. The response has been great, it’s just making sure we have all of the different people and organisations organised. Think of it like a week long conference!

Robelen: This first pop-up is a testing ground for you, what kind of results are you looking for?

Gianna & Sheree: We’re looking for confirmation that this is something women are interested in, which I think we have with the great response thus far. Then investment to continue popping up all over the world!

One Roof Coworking is open from 9-6pm February 9-14 in St Kilda. Visit www.oneroofcoworking.com for more information or to purchase a ticket.


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