10 Colourful And Creative Workspaces For The Bold And The Brave

10 Colourful And Creative Workspaces For The Bold And The Brave

10 Colourful And Creative Workspaces For The Bold And The Brave

BEWARE: This post contains unbelievably beautiful and creative workspaces that will make you go ooh-aah – a round up of ten of our favourite workspaces bursting with life and colour.


Interior designers talk about the 60-30-10 rule when working with colours to design a creative workspace. It translates to this following guide: 60% of the room’s colour is the walls, 30% is the upholstery and 10% is the accent piece.

“Perhaps it is the human tendency to see an overall theme in the 60 percent hue, unifying the coloration. The 30 percent provides visual interest and the 10 percent, not unlike jewelry, provides that little spark of sparkle”, explains Mark MacAuley, interior designer and author of five books on interior design.

However, looking at our top ten picks of colourful home offices and creative workspaces, some don’t quite follow the 60-30-10 rule. And the more one plays around with the rule, the more daring the room becomes.

If you love colourful and inspiring workspaces, follow our Pinterest board on Colourful Workspaces.

Don’t forget to join our 7-Day Workspace Photo Challenge with Bec and George from The Block Sky High. It starts Wednesday 10 September.

Take a look and pick your favourite


The teal feature wall makes this comfy little space. via Pinterest
This gorgeous desk makes a bold statement. via Pinterest
White walls, ceiling and floor makes a great open canvas. via Pinterest
Create interest with artwork (by Oliver Gal). via Pinterest
Vintage desk and chair is perfect with this gorgeous wallpaper. via Pinterest
Every office needs bookshelves – a wall of it. via Pinterest
The colourful storage wall is a perfect contrast to this minimalist workspace. via Pinterest
Wow factor: Artwork, chandelier and rounded edge furnishing. via Pinterest
Small creative workspace with a vision board wall framed with lights. via Pinterest
That chair and all the little details! via Pinterest



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