Motivating Mum: Master Mums Master Class

Alli Price, the founder of Motivating Mum, is a mother of two girls. Naturally, she understands the challenges that mums in business face. Hence, Alli created Motivating Mum to offer support, mentoring, workshops and advice for mums in business.

The Master Mums program is designed to motivate, educate and support mums in business with the outcomes of the master class allowing for immediate and real world application.

Alli must have some serious pull to get the ‘best of the best’ into this stellar line up to share some insider tips on social media and PR with a group of 11 mums in small business.

First up was Sam Mutimer from Thinktank Social. Sam works with top tier brands, is in direct consultation with Facebook and Twitter and is the resident social media panelist for Channel 7’s Today Tonight.

What this woman can tell you about social media could potentially blow your mind. I could have listened to her insights and tips for hours!

In two short hours, we were able to assess the best strategies, techniques and tactics that would work for our business.  Sam helped us drill down into social media and how it can be implemented as a marketing and communications platform.

Some of Sam’s golden tips were:

  • Set up a six month strategy with your goals and measurable objectives
  • Plan
  • Educate rather than sell
  • Use  some visual content
  • Produce 1-2 posts per day

Next we were fortunate to hear Claire Halliday of Copy Queens speak. Claire has been a professional freelance writer for over 15 years. She has had three books and over 1,000 articles published. Her articles have been featured across many of Australia’s leading publications including The Australian Woman’s Weekly, The Sunday Age and Sunday Life to name just a few.

Claire shared insider tips about standing out in the crowd of the hundreds of people seeking publicity for their business each day.

The golden nuggets from Claire’s session included:

  • Do your research. Find out who is writing for your target audience, where they write, and what they like to write about
  • Try tying your story in with an event or date, for example, if your product is sunscreen you can look at Skin Cancer Awareness Day
  • Journalists love statistics and facts. They don’t have to be your own, but they must be credible and you must be able to name the source, including it in your press releases
  • Put your press release in as the body of the email and also attach it. It gives the journalists one less thing to open
  • Always use high quality images of your product if you are going to send them through

I was able to take away so much from this event. Having had success with PR and media releases myself, I could see where I was going to use Claire’s tips to really step it up with my pitches to the media.

Sam’s content creation tips for social media were invaluable for so many of us with limited time and resources.

I have been madly liking my new friends’ Facebook pages and following them on Twitter. I’m pleased to report they have been implementing some of their new skills already. Now I will have to keep an eye out for them in the media!

I wonder how much is too much to spend on glossy magazines in the name of research?

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