Five Cloud Apps To Manage Your Business From Anywhere

Five Cloud Apps To Manage Your Business From Anywhere

Five Cloud Apps To Manage Your Business From Anywhere


What it is

Perhaps the most difficult task to accomplish when you’re not physically present is project management.  Podio helps you with this by allowing you to communicate and collaborate with the rest of the team through an online easy-to-use interface.

Why you need it

Track project progress, communicate with clients, make mark-ups to design drafts, assign tasks; really, you can do anything related to project management.

The best alternative

Trello is like a virtual whiteboard that allows you to visualise what needs to be done, what’s being worked on, and what has been completed.  It’s more basic than Podio, but it’s also simpler.  Use whichever fits your needs best.  You can’t go wrong with either one.

Bonus: Google Chrome

Okay, so this is a browser, and it may not be what you’re thinking of when I talk about cloud apps.  But Chrome is more than just a browser.  Chrome allows you to log in with your Google account and setup all your bookmarks and passwords.  This way, when you work from a little internet café while trekking in Nepal or holidaying in the Philippines like I was, you can simply jump on the computer, log in to Chrome with your account, and instantly, you will have all your bookmarks and the sites you visit regularly.  You don’t have to remember website addresses and passwords.  Just make sure to log out of Chrome when you’re done, particularly if you’re not using your own computer.

Cloud-based apps aren’t just a fad.  They are here to stay.  In this highly connected global village, software programs that reside solely in your computer’s hard drive just won’t cut it anymore.  Especially if you’re running your business from other parts of the country or other parts of the world, these cloud-based apps will help make your job easier and your holidays stress-free.

About Michelle Romero

Since graduating from UTS with a degree in Engineering, Michelle Romero has had considerable success in the IT industry, working on various business improvement and software development projects for healthcare companies.  In 2012 she started projectCREATE, a software and mobile app development company that caters to private businesses, nonprofit organisations, and government agencies.  When she’s not traveling the globe, Michelle runs her company out of her Sydney office and balances her duties there with those at the Magic Moments Foundation, a nonprofit where she serves as a Director.  She is enthusiastic about empowering women and contributing to the growth of SMEs, in addition to assisting neglected people in society.


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Michelle Romero

  • How can you review remote business management tools without mentioning most popular free options? Where is Bitrix24? Or Trello?

  • Good collection of apps that are based on cloud based platform and get the things streamlined properly to meet the desired standard. One more tool could be added to the list here that I have been using and is based on cloud based platform with a user friendly and calendar based interface which makes it all an intuitive tool to work with. Its the tool named Replicon that I have been talking about. Along with the time tracking and management, this tool is also capable to manage the tasks and projects.

  • Love it – and if you’re an appointment or class based business see MINDBODY Online to get a lot of this in one place and online bookings/payments too. I could write you an article about that one!

  • Awesome work but I think these tools are worth looking too.

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