Ambassador Profile: Leona D’Vaz

Ambassador Profile: Leona D’Vaz

Ambassador Profile: Leona D’Vaz

What side project are you working on?

Setting up my freelance writing business, which I will couple with my photojournalism.

What are your top go-to places for information and inspiration?

I read a lot of academic essays for university, therefore I am always in library databases (although Wikipedia is still a good overview!), I watch a lot of film and documentaries via SBS on demand and ABC iview (staples), TedX offers insightful clips, for all things marketing, writing and travel I’m into Sarah Prout, Melanie Duncan, Writers’ Digest, Sue White and ytravelblog (Pinterest).

What are some of the most memorable events you’ve attended in your role as ambassador?

The UN Women ‘International Women’s Day Breakfast’. Through this I was able to meet and interview Julie McKay, who is not only remarkable, articulate and driven – but humble and really striving for social justice.

Any tips to effective networking at events?

Smile, introduce yourself and ask people how they are, how have their day been, what are some of the projects they are working on, what are they keen to hear the speaker talk about? Often the conversation goes from there as it’s more informal and friendly.

Who would you like to see profiled on

More published Australian writers! (female)

Why do you think there aren’t enough women in top jobs?

As Anne Summers discussed at the Melbourne Writers’ Festival recently, “inclusion, equality and respect” the three measures of success for women, are really lacking in society.

How do you (try to) live a balanced life?

My work involves a lot of sitting, to counteract I engage in regular yoga practice at home, walking and I’ve started swimming again. As a foodie – I’ve learnt to use fresh produce, cook a lot at home and really reduce my processed foods intake. Downtime involves watching films and documentaries, as my studies can be time intense and I love travelling, as I find it really helps me evolve and ironically, I find it brings me a sense of grounding (when it all ends!).

How can others connect with you?

Twitter: @ldevaz

Website coming soon!

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