Ambassador Profile: Tegan DeClark

A personal and business profile of Ambassador for Toowoomba, Tegan De Clark.

Julia Makin is founder of and an Ambassador for

Christina Yiannakis’ big hairy audacious goal is to be an advocate for women and women’s rights.

We’ve been extremely lucky to have the talented and super-connected Tanya Williams as our first ambassador in Brisbane. In her role, Tanya has explored the fine act of balancing life, lunched with innovative babes in business, celebrated with UN Women Australia on International Women’s Day and spent an evening drinking wine in the company of
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Meet Leona D’Vaz – a Melburnian foodie whose new-found love for words prompted her to quit a successful 6-year career in online advertising to learn about the art of storytelling and photography, so she can live her dream.

KerryAnn was the very first Ambassador appointed when launched in January. She’s one well-connected, creative and clever fox with Hundreds&Thousands of things on her plate. First off the block, Kerry-Ann devoured conquered the Melbourne professional event and networking scene armed with killer heels, a smart phone and lots of sass. She showcased amazing entrepreneurial
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