Gender Discrimination Whistle Blowers And Self-Made Women Billionaires

This week we check out the controversy surrounding accusations of gender discrimination at GitHub, some successful self-made billionaires you’ve never heard of before, and new growth patterns and what it means for women in business.


1. Julie Ann Horvath blows the whistle on sexism at GitHub

Julie Ann HorvathAll of us here at are fairly convinced that women who work in tech are absolutely rocking the foundations of their businesses, breaking down the walls that have kept them out of what has traditionally been considered men’s business.  While some of us are breaking down these barriers by leaning in at the work place, or creating our own innovative businesses, others are still struggling.  So what happens when you enter a workplace that won’t make room for your ideas?  How can you deal with sexism and discrimination on a daily basis?  There is a lot to be said for women who knuckle down and work through the difficulties, but there is just as much to be said for the women who blow the whistle on their workplace.  Julie Ann Horvath showed a courageous attitude when she decided to blow the whistle on the gender discrimination occurring at GitHub – the world’s most popular community for coders and developers.  The result has been a controversial enquiry by management into the reported incidents, and backlash against the organisation.  Read up on Horvath’s work history and claims of gender discrimination and some of the resulting changes to management.

 2. Self-made women billionaires

Folorunsho AlakijaForbes released its annual list of billionaires a few weeks ago and, as predicted, the usual names made it to the top.  However, upon closer inspection there are some people on the list that we haven’t heard of before, and some billionaires who have made it to the top without the assistance of an inheritance.  After a bit of research we tracked down a list of five incredible women who made the billionaire list, completely off their own sweat and tears.  These wonderful women include Folorunsho Alakija, Nigeria’s first female billionaire; Denise Coats, the only self-made British woman on the list, and of course Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook and her Lean In fame.  Check out the full list and pick up some business advice and inspiration from the women who are on top of the world.


3. The Exponential Age: What does it mean for your business?

Ladies, we are entering a new business era, and we need to be prepared for it!  Coined the “Exponential Age”, we are seeing the impact of the seemingly endless growth of high-speed Internet connections through the creative consumers it continues to link us with.  While we are used to viewing business growth charts that present a linear pattern, our ever increasing access to new audiences online means innovative tech companies and services including Facebook, Airbnb and Whatsapp are growing exponentially.  So how will you work this new market into your own business plan?  Can we, as entrepreneurs, keep up with the demand for new services and entertainment online?  Check out what Forbes has to say about the changes in business management, the Exponential Age, and how this will effect women in business.


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