Entrepreneurial Ladies at GO Festival

Woman.com.au covered GO (Girls Only) Festival on a hot Melbourne day. Kerry-Ann Bartle strutted the halls of the Royal Exhibition Centre and got happy snappy with entrepreneurial ladies.

I had the pleasure of meeting some amazing entrepreneurial ladies at the GO Festival 2013 at the Royal Exhibition Cente, Melbourne, on Saturday 16 February. The aim of the event is to give women a day off to relax, to be educated and inspired. It features a range of products and services from diet, health, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, home, education and even a very well frequented free massage bar to relieve those tired aching feet. Despite the stifling heat of a 35+ degree day, the atmosphere was light and positive. Though not huge crowds, there was a steady flow of ladies enjoying the experience of a girls’ day out.

Left to right: Kerry-Ann Bartle, Woman.com.au Ambassador; Robyn Amott from Bless this Mess; Beverly from Lifeline Design.

These ladies are there to lend a helping hand in de-cluttering and organising your life in so many ways. Time is precious so why not enjoy it! And hey we could all do with a little helping hand. Visit Bless This Mess and Lifeline Design.


Jenni Madison and family from Coconut pictured with Kerry-Ann Bartle of Woman.com.au
Jenni Madison and family from Coconut Magic (in a summer dress) pictured with Kerry-Ann Bartle of Woman.com.au

This family business embraces all aspects of coconut oil and have a real passion for their product, which shined through their smiles. Visit Coconut Magic.


Ecobabe Beauty
EcoBabe Beauty displays their certified organic beauty products at GO Festival.

Kim of EcoBabe Beauty explained about her beauty products and Eco Tan which is all organically certified.  Even better, it doesn’t stain clothing or sheets. Wearing the product herself, she was glowing in a natural looking tan. Check out EcoBabe Beauty on Facebook.


Flipsters are stylish, foldable shoes that come in flip flops or ballet flats.

The Flipsters team have a fabulous foldable flip flops and ballet flats that fold up to nothing, perfect to pop into your bag to relieve those aching feet after a long day in killer heels. Check them out their range at www.flipsters.com.au.


Brooke-Ariel Jackson
Brooke-Ariel Jackson of Hollywood Beauty Cosmetics with Kerry-Ann Bartle, Woman.com.au Melbourne Ambassador.

Brooke was absolutely flawless and despite the heat, she looked as cool as a cucumber. Her attention to detail and beautiful Hollywood glamour was divine as I stepped back in time to look at her beauty products within her stall. For more glamour go to www.hollywoodbeautycosmetics.com.


Natalie Jurionsz from Slendier
Natalie Jurionsz of SlimPasta and two happy customers.

Natalie was totally at home cooking up a delicious tomato spaghetti which had customers drawn to watch her in action. SlimPasta is sold in the health food section in Coles and Safeways. It is low calories and carbs, high in fibre and low GI, and made from the super vegetable Konjac.  Definitely worth checking this out. Oh, to enjoy pasta and feel good for it! Visit www.slendierslim.com.au.


Marie B Jewellery
Marie B Jewellery

I stopped at this stall because despite the heat, they had the lights on and the beautiful jewellery was sparkling. The display was delicate and soft, showing off a wonderful array of products. Go to www.mariebjewellery.com.au


Ladies at GO Festival
With Brenda Utano and Kasi Kaye Iliopoulos at GO Festival.

These two ladies I caught up with on their way out of the festival and with shopping bags in tow and smiles on their faces, they had a great girls’ day out!

GO Festival was a great event that support wonderful entrepreneurial women. It’s also a great excuse for ladies to come and enjoy a fun day out while trying new products, a spot of pampering and listening to some inspiring stories.

Kerry-Ann Bartle

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