A Tour Of Chateau De Gudanes: Karina Waters Fairytale in The Midi-Pyrenees

A Tour Of Chateau De Gudanes: Karina Waters Fairytale in The Midi-Pyrenees

A Tour Of Chateau De Gudanes: Karina Waters Fairytale in The Midi-Pyrenees

Robelen: When you and your husband decided to take on this massive project, you were put in charge.

Karina: I left my job before we purchased the Château, which allowed me to take on the task of managing the project, and stay in France for long periods of time. We are team of four though. Everyone has a role to play and it’s a team effort. We thought about each of our strengths, and have taken on the roles accordingly.

In saying that, I have to confess my ‘CEO’ role is self appointed. A lot of it had to do with my upbringing – a childhood completely different from that of my husband and my children. At an early age I learnt independence and self reliance the hard way, away from idyllic suburban life. Naturally, I felt the strongest to take on this side of the journey. But, even after all the hardships of growing up, I haven’t been prepared for the challenges of living on the other side of the world, with a lot of the time spent lonely away from my family. The loneliness and solitude has been confronting.

Despite these challenges, as the months have gone by, I feel I am changing into a better version of myself – more energised and alive. I am grateful I have had the opportunity to experience this adventure in every way.

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Robelen: How did you manage your inner fears, self doubt and negative thoughts?

Karina: The process of actually purchasing the Château was the worst time of self doubt and fear. The two years of waiting… and waiting was a roller coaster of wanting it so badly, to feeling the fear and wanting run the other way.

During this time our decision lacked direction – full of hesitation and random ideas for the future use. In sweet denial, we hadn’t thought anything through. We were conveniently swept up in the fairytale of a Château in a faraway land, rather than comprehending what it would really mean, living in a foreign country with a language we didn’t speak, and the responsibility required of owning a Historic Monument.

This self doubt and negativity seemed to fade after finally making the big purchase, and spending more time in the region itself. Being here has made us realise how much we love what we are doing, and that this dream is something we really want to pursue.


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