Karina Waters Secrets To Managing The Restoration of Chateau de Gudanes

Karina Waters Secrets To Managing The Restoration of Chateau de Gudanes

Karina Waters Secrets To Managing The Restoration of Chateau de Gudanes

Mid morning is allocated to the restoration, including everyday meetings with the onsite foreman. Much of the consolidation of the Château is achieved not only from engineering drawings but being onsite physically, understanding and discovering the original form and design. With most of the floors and ceilings collapsed it has been like piecing together a jigsaw puzzle without a picture to follow. Every Wednesday there is a rendez – vous with the builder and architect. Afterwards, lunch is compulsory. If the walk thru meeting runs past twelve, tension starts to rise. Five courses and a shared pichet of rosé takes up the next two to three hours. Lunch is a customary practice in France and is part of nurturing a relationship with those you do business with. That said, business is never discussed and mobile calls remain unanswered during this time. At lunch it is about conversation – listening to the person and understanding them.

After lunch, and despite feeling the need for a siesta, I allocate time to exercise. It is part of balancing the triangle of life, with the restoration, my health and my family. It has taken time to understand this, and appreciate the necessary harmony, but I am beginning to understand. So, with the mountain trails right outside the front door, I have taken up the routine of daily hiking. It is not just time to exercise, but also time reflect on what is happening at the Château, and in life in general. Each day presents something unique and important to contemplate.

Like any beautiful workspace, every window has a stunning vista

After this, I allocate time to update my blog and website, this includes writing each post. I also dedicate time to writing and editing chapters for a current book contract – a memoir. I may also have a Skype meeting with my Literary Agent in New York, regarding other contracts. This is also the time that I arrange Skype calls for media requests, mainly television production companies.

In the late afternoon, I feed the local stray cats and kittens turn up at the Château steps, waiting hungrily for food. Some of the local people have become irritated that I feed them, preferring nature to take its course, but I can’t help myself.

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  • I too am in the middle of a restoration but in Italy and not with the immense grandeur of the chateau. It is still a work of love, a challenge and an adventure!

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