How To Create A Digital Wedding, Secure Sponsors And Launch A Social Enterprise

How To Create A Digital Wedding, Secure Sponsors And Launch A Social Enterprise

How To Create A Digital Wedding, Secure Sponsors And Launch A Social Enterprise

2. Wedding app and website

Did you know there is an app for almost anything? There’s an app to find your car keys, count your heartbeat, find true love and, yes, get married.

I created a wedding website and app using Appy Couple. It handled everything from invites, RSVPs, and registry, to guest book, photos, and chat.

We published our story, managed the guest list by simply connecting my email and Facebook, and kept everyone updated on the go.

Guests took photos with the app and I had full control to edit or approve the ones I liked, stream photos in real-time, and share on social media. The privacy setting also allowed me to control who accessed my wedding website and app, with various permission settings.

For only $35, I completely eliminated paper invites, coordinated my entire wedding and saved a ton of money.

3. A wedding venue via Airbnb

I ditched popular wedding venues and opted for a beautiful Airbnb listed holiday home in Portsea, Victoria, about ninety minutes from Melbourne. The property, which had a stunning verdant, woody garden, pool and tennis court, was perfect for an intimate gathering of family and close friends. I made use of Airbnb’s referral vouchers which provided my guests a nice discount.


4. A ride with Uber

I put my hustle on and talked to my friends at Uber who provided all my guests, including those who flew from overseas and interstate, a generous Uber credit simply by entering our wedding code “jezroby”. I knew they were about to launch in the area so it was the perfect opportunity to partner.

5. Indiegogo as wedding registry

There were no gifts at my wedding. Instead I asked guests to contribute to my crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. It was integrated with my wedding website and app as the wedding registry, making it super-easy to contribute straight from the app. The good folks at Indiegogo also gave me PR support and featured my crowdfunding campaign on their platform.

6. Wedding hashtag

A digital wedding would not be complete without a social media hashtag. #JezRoby featured as our cake topper and chalkboard signage. There was no live-tweeting, however. Yes, it was a digital wedding but some things are too precious you want to live every single moment.

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Wedding website/app: Appy Couple | Event Planner/Stylist: 2nd Avenue Events | Catering: G’Day Chef  | Photography: BigPictureStuff | Bridal gown: GASP | Shoes: Tony Bianco, Django & Juliette | Flowers & bouquets:2nd Avenue Events | Rings: Thomas Jewellers | Jewellery/Accessories: Jolie & Deen | Bridesmaids dress: GASP | Grooms suit: Politix | Groomsmen suits: Gant | Cake: Cake Red Hill | Cake topper: Grain & Co | Ceremony & reception: Airbnb | Hair: Debon Hair | Make up: DIY | Music: Cameron Ryan | Celebrant: Denis Minogue | Transport: Über | Candles, skincare and and bathroom accessories: Ajana | Photo backdrop for sponsor logos: Signarama Kew | Crowdfunding video: Ginibee | Wishing tree: Under The Roof on eBay | Chalkboard lettering: BigPictureStuff | Registry & crowdfunding platform: Indiegogo

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