I’m Gen Y, I’m The Boss And I’m Letting Go

Young entrepreneurs are often mistaken as the employee rather than the boss. But with staff who have your back, this is one ego you can let go.

Quitting a day job that provides a stable income for a business venture is a big risk. Ebony Centazzo of Catnapping Suburban Retreat is doing just that.

Yesterday morning the motivation monster creeped into my bedroom before I woke and stole my motivation for the day. I really don’t like when it does this. Luckily it doesn’t happen that often. I always surround myself with inspiring quotes and images, and I love reading stories about people living their dreams. I have been
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In the past couple of years, I have attended many business workshops and seminars. They all start off the same way, asking the same question:” What is your big WHY?” “What is the reason for what you’re doing?” “What is driving you?” I would sit there and think I don’t really have a “drive.” Because
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Editor’s note: Ebony Centazzo, founder of Cat Napping Suburban Retreat, knew she wanted to start a business – she just didn’t know what kind of business. She put in the hard work, and finally came up with a business idea that incorporated one of her great loves – animals. A self professed “crazy cat lady”,
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