WANTED: Real Life Beauty Reviewers

WANTED: Real Life Beauty Reviewers

WANTED: Real Life Beauty Reviewers

Fill out the form below to apply.

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 Terms and Conditions

1. Available to Australian residents only with a local Australian address.

2. You must be a subscriber to WOMAN.com.au to participate.

3.  Two individuals will be selected to receive one beauty box each, supplied by Violet Box. Selection of reviewers will be at the discretion of the Woman.com.au Lifestyle Editor.

4. The beauty box is sent to selected reviewers for free by Violet Box and there is no obligation to purchase any product from Violet Box.

5. Selected reviewers are bound by the terms and conditions set by Violet Box in relation to the product review process, and use and/or ownership of the products.

6. Reviews must be submitted to Woman.com.au Lifestyle Editor by the deadline given. Failure to do so may result in exclusion from future reviews.

7. Woman.com.au Pty Ltd is not responsible for items being lost or damaged in the mail, as well as for any injury, loss or damage resulting in the use of Violet Box products. 

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