I Am My Mother’s Touch

Our relationship with our mother is our first social relationship. As kids, we learn everything we know about how to treat others by watching and interacting with them.

They say if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. It’s true to a certain extent. We all need a little direction but I encounter many peers who get stuck in the planning stages of a new business venture.

It’s amazing what we are capable of doing when there is no one to do it for us.

This came to me as I was standing on a chair in my shorts and high-heeled boots in my shop with drill in hand, driving it into a brick wall to mount our beautiful canvas manifesto.

Many introverts are passed up for promotions because their quiet, shy demeanor are often misinterpreted as lacking initiative and drive. But life isn’t about being loud to be heard. Which is why most introverts find success as entrepreneurs.

Dear Bob Hawke, I think Paul Keating is terrible, how dare he take your position in the parliament house! Thank you for being a great Prime Minister, I will miss you. Regards, Adelle Pick, Age 6 Writing was always in my blood. The amount of free products I received from writing letters – to Hubba Bubba for
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Stepping off the plane, coming from Australia and warm Dubai, London is freezing. But I am happy. It is time for the finer fashion of winter! Of course with the new BUTTONS AW13 Collection launching very soon, I could instantly wear our new designs!

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