The Three Things I learnt In My First Year In Business

Katya Baxter

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Small business startups are often built on an entrepreneur’s dream. Fueled by an inner drive, passion and love for what they do, entrepreneurs often go out on a limb to bring their ideas to life. But that isn’t enough. Studies show that 50% of small business startups will fail within the first year. And the
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More often I am finding myself mentoring young people, which I find highly enjoyable (possibly stemming from my one time aspiration of wanting to be a high-school principal). I know being 30 to some is young, but to the people I mentor, I am old and wise. I think I was probably old and wise
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It’s amazing what we are capable of doing when there is no one to do it for us.

This came to me as I was standing on a chair in my shorts and high-heeled boots in my shop with drill in hand, driving it into a brick wall to mount our beautiful canvas manifesto.

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