How To Have A Holiday That Will Boost Your Job Performance

How To Have A Holiday That Will Boost Your Job Performance

How To Have A Holiday That Will Boost Your Job Performance

Does it seem like all you’re doing lately is working toward the weekend? If it does, that means it’s time to take more than just two consecutive days off to give yourself and your job performance a little boost.


Now before you protest that “it’s just not possible to take a vacation now” or “there’s too much work to do,” we’re going ask that you kindly shut up and take our advice.

Burnout is real and while you may wear your I’m-over-worked-and-stressed situation like a badge of honour, you’re really just grinding yourself further into the ground.

According to an Intuit study, 82 percent of small business owners who go on vacation experience an increase in job performance upon returning to work.

Are we on the same page now? Great!

Now that we hopefully have you scouring airline sites and getaway packages, follow these tips to ensure you have holiday that will give you the post-vacation boost you need.

Log off

Turn your phone off. Powering off technology will heighten your other senses. This is how you spark inspiration, gain insight into old problems and appreciate life’s little details. If you’re feeling too disconnected, use the old-fashioned pen and paper to jot down your thoughts. You can always reconnect once the vacation is over.

Get re-energised

A study by Expedia found that Australians have an average of 5 vacation days leftover in 2013. Say what? If your employer is offering you paid time off, you take it. We’re not saying you need to spend thousands of dollars at an island resort. Even a staycation will work wonders for your wellbeing.

Resting will allow for recovery and ensure you return to work with a new and sustainable burst of energy. A previous professional athlete who is currently the digital media analyst at iiWorks said, “When we’re under pressure most of us experience the opposite impulse; to push harder rather than to rest.”

Take a leaf from a former athlete’s book and schedule time for an off-season.

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