How To Have A Holiday That Will Boost Your Job Performance

How To Have A Holiday That Will Boost Your Job Performance

How To Have A Holiday That Will Boost Your Job Performance

Lead by example

If you’re a leader or senior manager you have to set an example inside your office as well as outside its four walls.

“Taking time off can make employees more productive and more satisfied when they return to work, which leads to higher retention rates that can save a company thousands of dollars, “ said Gina Withey, regional director of sales and marketing at staySky Hotels & Resorts.

On the flip side, empower your own employees to recharge by showing them it’s okay to use up their vacation days, set an away message on their emails and unplug for multiple days.

Empower and motivate employees

Give your employees a chance to shine when you’re on vacation. Leaving the office doesn’t mean bringing all work to a screeching halt. It just means loosening your grip on the reins and delegating tasks.

Small business owners tend to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders so practice a little weight distribution. Not only will you have less to catch up on when you return but you’ll also show that you trust your employees to be smart decision-makers.

Start delegating tasks a couple weeks before heading out. Giving your employees some time to learn the ropes before flying solo will ensure that you don’t come back to a business that has burst into flames during your absence.

Adopt a new perspective

Your job could be the completely black-and-white natured work of a data analyst. Or you could be in charge of designing elaborate graphics for high-profile clients. But in both cases a little creative inspiration will go a long way.

When you’re in a new environment, make an effort to take a local’s perspective and seek out its uniqueness. This will set your thinking pattern on a different track thus sparking that inspiration.

Sebastian Paulin, entrepreneur and founder of Love That Pet, said, “Time off actually fuels my creativity and gives my brain space to come up with better ideas and better understand the problems our customers face each day. It also means I get to spend quality time with the source of inspiration for our company, my chocolate Labrador, Cadbury, and that’s when the creative ideas really start to flow.”

We don’t think you need any more convincing, do you? You know you’re tired and you completely deserve time to rest so start planning that break.

How has a vacation changed the way you work or run your business? Tell us in the comments section below. 

Leah RiseLeah Rise is the director of search and social at seoWorks in Sydney where she motivates and mentors analysts across North America, Europe, and Australia.



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