The Wealthiest Women On The Planet According To Forbes

The Forbes global wealth team has compiled this year’s list of billionaires, and the results are astounding.  Across the planet they tracked down 1,645 billionaires, 172 of who are women.  The number of women in the list may seem low, but it has jumped considerably from last year’s count of 138.

Bill Gates is back in the number one spot, but which ladies have made their mark in the top 50?

Here are the wealthiest women on the planet who made it to the top 50 list.

Coming in at #9 is Wal-mart’s Christy Walton, worth $36.7 billion

 Christy Walton

#11 Liliane Bettencourt of L’Oreal, worth $34.5 billion

Liliane Bettencourt

#13 Alice Walton of Wal-Mart, worth $34.4 billion

 Alice Walton

At #31 Jacqueline Mars made her $20 billion fortune through candy

Jacqueline Mars

Australia’s wealthiest person, Gina Rinehart came in at #46, having made her $17.7 billion through mining

Gina Rinehart

At #49 Susanne Klatten, owing her $17.4 billion to BMW and pharmaceuticals

Susanne Klatten

At #50 Abigail Johnson scraped into the top 50, with $17.3 billion fortune in money management

Abigail Johnson

Check out the full list at Forbes.


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