Blogger Series: Designing Life with Interiors Addict

What was the hardest part in your journey? What big lessons have you learnt?

The hardest part was being retrenched, which came as a great surprise and threw me into a panic. That loss of control isn’t fun but you have to channel that nervous energy into what you’re going to do next. For me, that was always going to be going out on my own. I never considered getting another job working for someone else.

I have learned a lot, including:

  • Nobody is indispensable and your job is never guaranteed
  • Working for yourself means more hours and more hard work than ever before, but you’ll enjoy it so much it won’t feel like work!
  • Brainstorming with fellow, non-competing business owners is one of the most useful things you can do.
  • Being genuine and nice gets you a long way.
  • I already knew this, but you really can’t underestimate the potential of social media for your business.

What were the highlights in 2012?

Getting engaged to the love of my life, becoming a permanent resident of Australia and becoming my own boss. I still feel like pinching myself that Interiors Addict is actually my job now. 2012 was quite a year!

What should we look out for in the Australian interior design space?

Stylists! They really are having their day as the new celebrities, bringing out books and collaborating with brands. Emerald green was just announced as the Pantone Colour of the Year, so expect to see that everywhere, in fashion too. And many industry people are predicting a return to more homemade, craft-inspired interiors, with a mix of the old (and upcycled) and new.

What’s next for you?

This year is all about further building the Interiors Addict brand and readership and creating a sustainable business (oh, and getting married!). In the short-term, sorting out my home office!

Check out some of the gorgeous things Jen blogs about.

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Personal Bio:

Jen grew up in England and became a newspaper reporter straight from school. She quickly worked her way up the journalism ladder, editing several magazines and winning journalism awards. She landed in Sydney in 2008, looking for a new challenge. She was editor of Dynamic Business magazine for almost 5 years, starting and writing the Interiors Addict blog in her spare time. In October, after the magazine was closed and she was retrenched, she took the leap and went out on her own. She now combines blogging with some work on the side as a writer and social media consultant.

You’ll find her everywhere:

Email Jen: [email protected]


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