Female-Led Startups Make A Mark At CeBIT Australia 2014

While female-led startups were a little hard to spot at CeBIT, the lower proportion of women at the exhibition is certainly not a reflection of business acumen.

Launching my startup was no easy feat. It was a long road from conception to inception and if I knew back then what I do now, I’d have avoided many hurdles.

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Walking away from the Brisbane KPI event on Saturday evening there was a spring in my step. I felt extremely motivated and excited about what will come next. And, the best part is that ‘next’ is up to me! For those who that haven’t heard of KPI, it stands for Key Person of Influence. It’s
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Since opening, I have had people remark that I must have the best job in the world, playing with cats and kittens every day. More inquisitive people comment that it must take a lot of money to open such a business. They wait for my reply, which is always along the lines of, “Yes, heaps.
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