Photo-Editing Web Apps For Non-Designers

PicMonkey and Canva are handy web apps to help you edit images – add text, apply filters, create a collage and more. Handy for posting engaging content on social media using images.

This week we ponder the reasons people choose not to get married, check out some inspirational female entrepreneurs in Mumbai’s slums and consider what it takes to empower women in the Asia Pacific region.

Walking away from the Brisbane KPI event on Saturday evening there was a spring in my step. I felt extremely motivated and excited about what will come next. And, the best part is that ‘next’ is up to me! For those who that haven’t heard of KPI, it stands for Key Person of Influence. It’s
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What is it like working in the resources sector? For many women, thinking about a mining job conjures up images of hard hats, giant trucks and getting dirty, which can be discouraging when starting out or choosing a career. While that maybe a reality for some on-site jobs, there are many areas of expertise far
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(Photo source) Comfort is easy. We all do things the same old way because it’s comfortable. But by staying firmly inside our comfort zones, we miss out on opportunities that may change our lives. A few years ago, I decided to change my life by stepping out of my comfort zone. How did I step
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Editor’s note: Have you ever struggled to find  the perfect shoe for that dress, or had a mental image of what you want but just couldn’t find it? Jodie Fox, cofounder and director of fashion for new e-tailer, Shoes of Prey, answers all your footwear prayers with a unique service that lets you design your
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