How To Get The Best Price For Almost Anything

Editor’s Note: I have a girlfriend who always gets the best deal – holidays to exotic locations, Chanel bag, jewellery, fancy car, cosmetics.  Even groceries! I always wondered how she did it; I’d rather not pay full price. Our Ambassador Julia Makin, founder of vent2me, shares five secrets to bagging a good price for almost
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1. You will most likely get a lower rate if you buy a new car Quite simply, new cars are less risk to a financier. They are less likely to breakdown and are more often than not, sold with manufacturer warranties. 2.  If you’re a first time borrower, you are more likely to be approved
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Credit cards can be full of traps for the unwary. Here’s how to avoid them

How many of us can honestly say we are in control of our finances? I know I fall into  that “52% of women who find dealing with finances stressful.”  Unless I  am spending money on shoes, which isn’t stressful. In my life, I juggle kids, a job, marriage and multi-million dollar budgets at work, but when it comes
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Planning a trip to Europe? Here’s how to save big, fast.

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