Women To Run The World, Not Long Now

Heather Potter

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Ten of Australia’s leading female entrepreneurs share their journey and inspire Australian women to run the world.

Arabella Forge talks about wasting nothing, going organic and creating an urban farm in inner-city Melbourne.

The plan was to make enough money from teaching Pilates to get back into the stock market. But instead, I found I loved what I was doing. I just glowed. You will know it in your heart when it’s right for you. Marina Perry doesn’t breathe when she’s talking. Like, she literally does not pause
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Browsing through Chi the Label’s latest designer corporate-wear collection, I find myself picturing Audrey Hepburn, Lauren Bacall, Victoria Beckham and Olivia Palermo reclining elegantly in doorways or perched on the end of a chaise lounge in these gorgeous items. The styling is timelessly elegant – and not in a remote, silver screen kind of way. 
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Business used to be simple: spend the money on marketing and you’ll rake in the customers. But these days people want more from business than a mere transaction. They want a relationship. Marketing guru turned IT boss Cat Matson said small to medium enterprises were the big winners in a relationship-driven environment. Cat is CEO
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Editor’s Note: Ambassador Heather Potter reports on how the land of fashion is coping with its big bad enemy – the world wide web. From the moment the first speaker took to the stage at the 2013 Ragtrader conference in Sydney, it was evident that the retail fashion industry was battling an enemy fiercer and
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