Why Introverts Rule In Business

Ebony Centazzo

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Many introverts are passed up for promotions because their quiet, shy demeanor are often misinterpreted as lacking initiative and drive. But life isn’t about being loud to be heard. Which is why most introverts find success as entrepreneurs.

When it was time to find my warehouse, it was harder than I thought – and this crushed me, as it was a very important part of the plan. When I found something I liked, I would make contact with the agent and that’s when the fun began! I’m not being sexist, but they are
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After 18 months of running my business by using a diary and printed out excel spread sheets, I thought it was time to look into something which made a lot more sense and looked more professional to my clients rather then a diary with lots of unreadable scribble and highlights. I had this awesome idea
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