Exercise Secrets Of The World’s Most Powerful And Busiest Women

If the world’s most powerful women in Forbes Top 100 can find time to get out of their chairs, there’s no excuse for the rest of us.

The Ban Bossy campaign has its fans, no doubt about that. But I hope Sandberg is also paying attention to its detractors. Sometimes even the best of intentions can unexpectedly go awry.

David Reese of Medallia offered some sound advice on how to answer this tricky question.

If you are a woman hoping to make it to the lofty heights Sandberg has managed to reach, be prepared for a tough climb.

–> (Photo source: www.levoleague.com) Editor’s Note: World Wide Women is our new weekly column featuring the latest international news and inspirational stories from around the globe. Presented by Christina Yiannakis, you’ll get a weekly round-up of the best news curated just for you. Robelen x The news this week has been abuzz with women’s achievements,
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