Lauren Conrad Cuts Sexist Question With Sharp Wit

I’m not a fan of reality TV, but reality star Lauren Conrad made me take a second look. She recently appeared as guest on Sway’s Universe, a celebrity news website created and hosted by hip-hop icon Sway. Picking out questions randomly from a hat sent in by Sway’s audience, Lauren was posed an awkward, sexist
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Author, fashion writer and entrepreneur Bronny Lane talks about overcoming loss and grief following the deaths of three men in her life.

Maysoon Zayid is an American comedian and actress who suffers from cerebral palsy. Her TED talk speaks about how she dealt with the condition.

Australia’s rising female leaders, researchers and economists debated the issues that impact on a woman’s journey to career success and personal fulfillment at the SWB13 Sustaining Women in Business two-day conference.

Has feministic independence, coyness or suspicion of men quelled vain attempts of being a knight in our modern era?

This video created by The Fine Brothers show how kids think differently to many adults. The video starts off with the children watching a video of gay couples proposing followed by an insightful Q&A where the children share their thoughts and opinions on such a controversial topic. The video makers explain: The opinions of children
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