Why Charity And Giving Is Addictive

Tanya Williams

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Juliette Wright and Tara Castle are two women who make a difference in the lives of others.

There is nothing like a fashion festival to get one in the mood to spend money on clothes. Not that we need a reason! The Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane was a great way to be inspired.

Ambassador Tanya Williams chats with Fashion Weekly publisher Stacey O’Keefe and her goal to build an international fashion empire.

I am sucker for an event or product with a cool name or unique concept. And this one just spoke to me (it also helps that the event involves my fave things – socialising, wine and fabulous women).  After having met Alli at an event the week previously, I knew that ‘Ladies Who Lunch’ would
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Our relationship with our mother is our first social relationship. As kids, we learn everything we know about how to treat others by watching and interacting with them.

The Changing Face of PR: The Rise and Rise of Blogger Relations is a timely topic given the continual fragmentation and evolving media landscape. The panelists included Michelle Palmer, Managing Director of 360 Immerse; Natalie Birt, Creator and Chief Writer of Mummy Smiles; and Valerie Khoo, Ambassador of Best Australian Blogs Competition, founder of Australian Writers’ Centre and co-founder of SocialCallout.com.

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