Jodie Dunne: A Personal Battle With Endometriosis

Jodie Dunne’s personal battle with Endometriosis and why she and fellow Co-Founder Donna have created the new flourishing charity, Endometriosis Australia.

Philosophy: (noun) – a theory or attitude that acts as a guiding principle for behaviour. Code: (noun) – a set of conventions or moral principles governing behaviour in a particular sphere. [divider] Do you have a philosophy or code that guides your life? Or you might know it as an attitude, mantra or belief system.
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What is it like working in the resources sector? For many women, thinking about a mining job conjures up images of hard hats, giant trucks and getting dirty, which can be discouraging when starting out or choosing a career. While that maybe a reality for some on-site jobs, there are many areas of expertise far
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