Women In Business To Smash It In 2014

Check out some great tips for mothers venturing into business ownership and why 2014 is going to be your year.

Despite being new university graduates, my team of four occupational therapists have helped to build my business from 30 clients to 100 in nine months.

Professional women in Australia are still under-represented in C-level jobs.

When Rachael Robertson won a job to lead an Australian Research Expedition to Antarctica she learned an important leadership skill that would help them survive the harshest of conditions.

You can’t afford to be tentative in your communication, as it inevitably leaves gaps for someone else to fill.

Pictured above: Julie Trajkovski of the Fifth Quadrant, Harvey Sanchez of Click View and Leona D’Vaz Woman.com.au Ambassador Firstly, the topic of “innovation” was clearly demonstrated through the venue choice. Think 19th century grandeur meeting 21st century digital technology. Very befitting. Dr Catriona Wallace, Director of Fifth Quadrant (Customer Experience Strategy & Research Consultancy) was
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