7 Things Entrepreneurs Need To Urgently Focus On This Year

Trends in entrepreneurship: From 2015 onward, you better have your house in order as the new, enhanced, digital economy really starts to take flight. I believe that we are going through a massive transition as a civilization. It’s not too dissimilar to what the renaissance was to the dark ages or the industrial revolution to
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Only 7% of the Fortune 500 companies have boards that are made up of at least 40% women.

Australia’s rising female leaders, researchers and economists debated the issues that impact on a woman’s journey to career success and personal fulfillment at the SWB13 Sustaining Women in Business two-day conference.

Former management consultant turned teacher and psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth found neither IQ, talent, good looks, physical health nor social intelligence was a significant predictor of success. It is grit – the unflagging ability to stick with a long-term goal.

Ten of Australia’s leading female entrepreneurs share their journey and inspire Australian women to run the world.

New Zealand beats Australia in a gender gap report that measures key metrics such as access to education and healthcare, economic participation and political empowerment.

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