Sexy Housewives Christmas Gangnam Special


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Christmas is a time for giving so we thought you’d all appreciate this video by a group of British housewives doing a Christmas Gangnam special to raise money for Breast Cancer Research. Happy Holidays and enjoy!

The rumours aren’t true. There’s more than meets the Gen Y. They are socially aware, entrepreneurial, influential, tech-savvy, media-savvy and full of ideas. We’re here to prove it and bust some of the Gen Y myths. We will be featuring Australia’s rising female Gen Y stars. If you’re one or know someone who is, message
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Women, in general, get a little shy talking about all the good work they do. Which is why at, we’re going to do it all. We will soon be  featuring women from all walks of life making a contribution to society. Whether you’re in science, engineering and tech, business and industry, healthcare, medical and
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Welcome to We are so excited to finally kick off conversations with you. Over the last seven months, we’ve been hard at work creating a strategy to bring to you. There are amazing plans in place and all will be revealed in due course. Over the next few months, you’ll get to know
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  Do you have something you’ve always wanted to do or a task too hard it has been set aside? Now is always the right time to start.

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