Lauren Conrad Cuts Sexist Question With Sharp Wit

I’m not a fan of reality TV, but reality star Lauren Conrad made me take a second look. She recently appeared as guest on Sway’s Universe, a celebrity news website created and hosted by hip-hop icon Sway. Picking out questions randomly from a hat sent in by Sway’s audience, Lauren was posed an awkward, sexist
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Maysoon Zayid is an American comedian and actress who suffers from cerebral palsy. Her TED talk speaks about how she dealt with the condition.

Former management consultant turned teacher and psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth found neither IQ, talent, good looks, physical health nor social intelligence was a significant predictor of success. It is grit – the unflagging ability to stick with a long-term goal.

Christmas is a time for giving so we thought you’d all appreciate this video by a group of British housewives doing a Christmas Gangnam special to raise money for Breast Cancer Research. Happy Holidays and enjoy!

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