10 Simple Words Every Woman Should Master

Learning to say these ten simple words with confidence may be one way to begin to bridge the Confidence Gap.

Women in IT are struggling with a lack of female role models and mentors and too few opportunities to progress.

The workplace gender gap has narrowed in the past 20 years, but there are still challenges to tackle before equality is achieved.

Norway introduced a gender quota system which resulted in a rise in women in senior leadership positions from 7% in 2003 to 40.3% in 2010. With a larger number of women in power, all of whom deserve to be there, surely Norway’s social experiment should allow us to reconsider quotas?

“Can women have it all” is a question that’s always up for debate. Anne-Marie Slaughter says we’re asking the wrong question.

New Zealand beats Australia in a gender gap report that measures key metrics such as access to education and healthcare, economic participation and political empowerment.

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