Tess Ogle: You Can Do Anything But Not Everything

Tess Ogle wanted to be a dentist but a desire to change the world paved a successful corporate path instead.

Digital media is no longer a buzzword but a business reality. Penny Diamantakiou Yahoo!7 CFO shares valuable insights into the latest digital media trends at an Executive Women Masterclass luncheon.

I joined nineteen other women and one man for Executive Women Australia’s  (EWA) robust roundtable covering the topic which is currently heavily featured in the headlines: Australia’s ever growing gender gap and the implications this will have on the longer term cost to our society. The group did not represent experts in the field, but
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Every year hundreds of dynamic Australian women gather together for a truly powerful and life-affirming experience. The Australian Executive Women’s Leadership Symposium provides an unparalleled opportunity to connect with peers and explore leadership, life and career. Special Offer for WOMAN.com.au subscribers We’ve stitched up a massive deal for our subscribers. To take advantage of the
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I was fortunate to attend the Executive Women Australia’s (EWA) Executive Luncheon with The Hon Joe Hockey on Thursday, 2nd May.  The main agenda was to discuss how to advance senior leadership and board opportunities for professional women throughout Australia.  According to The Australian Institute of Directors, the latest percentage of women on ASX 200
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