The Brighter Side of Indecent Exposure

This installment to the Gen Y Founder Diaries is obviously going to be a tad different and I’d like to give you a heads up. It involves indecent exposure. Ever have those dreams where you are at school naked or in front of all your peers in pyjamas? I have those often – those moments
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As a female winemaker in an industry that is heavily dominated by men, I can honestly say, I love my job! With more than a decade’s experience in the wine industry I’ve developed a thick skin and embrace the person I am today – a female who is comfortable in herself. In 1966 James Brown
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For most of Gen Y, we were always told, “You can be whatever you want to be. Just work hard and you’ll be successful”. No one ever mentioned GFCs or unemployment rates. You mean, I can’t just do well in school my whole life and magically land a fulfilling career? Hold on, what?! I left
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