How To Vanquish Your Fear Of Public Speaking

Gemma Munro explains why the fear of public speaking is shared by many and is more common among women.

Women in IT are struggling with a lack of female role models and mentors and too few opportunities to progress.

The workplace gender gap has narrowed in the past 20 years, but there are still challenges to tackle before equality is achieved.

Motivation strategy & design expert Dr Jason Fox shares the science behind game design, offering busy professionals and entrepreneurs new ways to enhance productivity and drive progress at work.

Career moves and career changes are inevitable. For many women, the careers they began years ago do not usually resemble the path that they are on now. The excitement, inspiration and sense of being valued disappear. Instead they work in an environment where they feel alone, undervalued and lonely. This is the crossroad one must cross: a change to stay or a change to go.

Editor’s Note: I’ve had five major career changes and I haven’t even turned 40 yet.  And I’m not about to stop. In fact, I’m working on my next one. My parents are bewildered by the various paths I’ve taken – in their eyes, it’s completely disorganised, directionless and unstable. Christina Yiannakis explores the new reality
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