In search for Ambassadors

Our community is growing. Fast. So we’re on the hunt for self-driven women who’s in the know, loves building online communities and getting women meeting, moving and making things happen.

We’re searching for City and Regional Ambassadors around Australia and New Zealand.

As Ambassador , you will:

  • Be the face of in your city or region.
  • Build The Agenda by discovering and reporting on local happenings women need to go or know whether it’s business, social, cultural, community or recreational.
  • Receive a media pass to events in your region.
  • Connect, meet and interview influential women doing and creating cool stuff.

Recognised as part of the team, you’re our go-to person for discovering fantastic events that educate and inspire women into action. And because you’re the face of in your city or region, you’ll be connecting with movers and shakers and uncovering hidden opportunities.  A perfect way to build your profile and create meaningful connections with change-makers and influential folks.

If you have an interest in social media and tech, writing, community engagement, entrepreneurship, lifestyle design, personal development or health and well-being, we’d love to hear from you.

To apply, fill out the form below.

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  • What a wonderful opportunity for regional women!

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