How Fashion Entrepreneur Betty Tran Went From Concept To Cat Walk

From concept to cat walk, the story of fashion entrepreneur Betty Tran proves that the road to success is never a clear path. It’s usually a string of failures, mistakes, rejections and disappointments.

Building a dream business while holding down a day job is a balancing act. The key is to be creative, organised, disciplined, focused and accept help from others.

The importance of customer feedback is crucial to the growth of any small business. If you could access direct feedback in your business, imagine what it could do for you?

World Wide Women: Top stories about women in business from around the globe.

Step out of meetings and into a Christmas Party with ease- standout accessories matched with a touch of luxury, Jimmy Choo heels and Louboutin clutch.

This stylish work outfit for women in business is more affordable than you think.

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