Women In The Workplace, Gender Quotas, Feminism: Who Needs Them

Norway introduced a gender quota system which resulted in a rise in women in senior leadership positions from 7% in 2003 to 40.3% in 2010. With a larger number of women in power, all of whom deserve to be there, surely Norway’s social experiment should allow us to reconsider quotas?

In celebrating International Women’s Day 2014, Caroline Kennedy notes that gender equality activism can be a little patronising and believes that gender equality is very much present in modern day Australia.

Natalie Barr says women blame men for their woes. We say, her views smack of ignorance to the broader population’s experience with gender discrimination and to the true aims of feminism and the fight for gender equality.

This week we check out the controversy surrounding accusations of gender discrimination at GitHub, some successful self-made billionaires you’ve never heard of before, and new growth patterns and what it means for women in business.   1. Julie Ann Horvath blows the whistle on sexism at GitHub All of us here at Woman.com.au are fairly
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“Can women have it all” is a question that’s always up for debate. Anne-Marie Slaughter says we’re asking the wrong question.

I knew from the headline that this debate was going to lead to an interesting topic of conversation and I must say I was not disappointed. A big thank you to the American Chamber of Commerce who brought an enlightened group of panelists together in the serene setting of the River Room at Crown Casino
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