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Robelen Bajar, Founder & Publisher

I’m a marketing strategist and lifestyle blogger, a sucker for sexy domains (read closet geek), social media butterfly, lover of sky high stilettos, ballroom Latin dancer and coconut farmer. I’ve been in all things tech, digital and social media since 2001. Long before it was cool. I’m not the best cook but I try to channel “kitchen goddess” on lazy weekends. I take photos with my iPhone everywhere I go and break out into a rumba in public, much to the embarrassment of present company. They’re used to it now.    



 Stephanie Sta Maria, Editor

After spending a ridiculously long time trying to write a clever snippet, I gave up and decided to just run with the facts. 1) I’ve spent the last two decades typing my way through hundreds of stories, three books, one typewriter, two PCs and four laptops. 2) Now that you know I’m a Gen X you should also know I don’t look it, thanks to a life lived the way it should be i.e. with good cheese, better wine and the best conversations. 3) I truly believe that some journeys need Google maps and others, a wing and prayer.    



Christina Yiannakis, Women's Editor, Woman.com.au
Photo: Phoebe Taylor

Christina Yiannakis, Women’s Editor

Since completing an internship with a women’s NGO in Sri Lanka, I have become a passionate advocate for women’s rights.  Locally I’m involved with numerous women’s rights organisations as I complete a Masters of International Relations at the University of Melbourne.  Before moving to Melbourne, I spent some time working in Perth’s film, television and theatre industry before packing up and moving to Greece to teach English.  Now you’ll find me tweeting about #womensrights #gendergap and #feminism.      




Heather Anschau, Business & Lifestyle Editor, woman.com.au

Heather Anschau, Business and Lifestyle Editor

A long-time lover of the written word, I have a passion for finding a good angle and drawing out the most exciting, touching and relevant stories of our time. With a background in PR and freelance journalism, I enjoy covering fashion, beauty, health, business, travel and lifestyle content and after more than five years in the industry, I still get a thrill from seeing an awesome headline. During downtime, I try and spend as much time at the beach as possible and I never get tired of a good pedicure, a great book, a rich salted caramel gelato and a killer pair of heels. 


Elyse Gorman, Social Media Manager

I am a freelance writer, blogger, screen printer, coffee drinker and happiness chaser. I am generally overly content with life and have a passion for writing, philosophy, self-improvement, wellbeing and entrepreneurship topics. With a degree in media and writing already under my belt, I am indulging my love of all things digital with further studies in digital marketing.





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